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ITNW 1421 Introduction to Networking
(Telecommunications & Networking)
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ITNW 1421 Introduction to Networking
                                      (3-3-4) 52.1204

This course is an introduction to the fundamentals, basic concepts, and terminology of telecommunications and networks. Students will be engaged in a fundamental study into how computers communicate, how this communication takes place, the language of communication (protocols), hardware interfaces and software which controls these communication protocols.

Course Topics include basic telecommunications, data channels, hardware handshaking, software handshaking, and protocol transfer; the access and use of the Internet, and networking hardware and software, including current developments in networking.

Installing UWIN v4.0 (AT&T Unix for Windows)

1. Launch Internet Explorer
2. Goto URL:
3. Select the "Downloads" link.
4. Login as: User-ID: delmarco  Password: camino
5. Select the directory: UWin  (AT&T_Unix-for-Windows)
6. Rt-click and "Save target as: three files from this location:
   6.1. uwin-base.2005-02-02.win32.i386.exe
   6.2. profile  -or- profile(UWin).txt
    --be sure to change the name to just "profile" if necessary.
   6.3. ksh.ico  (This icon file can be saved directly to C:\WINDOWS).
Close Internet Explorer.
7. Dbl-click the "uwin-base.2005-02-02.win32.i386.exe"
   program icon to start the installation.
   7.1 Change the Answer to "C:\root\" for the first prompt:
      Select UWIN Root directory
       --(the default answer is: C:\Program Files\UWIN)
   7.2 Change the Answer to " C:\root\home\" for the second prompt:
      Select Users directory.
       --(the default answer is: C:\users)
   7.3 You may get a final UWIN installation message:
       "UWIN 4.0 installation complete -- 2 warnings ignored."
         -this is OK.
Close the UWIN installation window.
8. Check your UWIN installation:
   8.1 Check for the directory:  C:\root
   8.2 Check for the directory:  C:\root\home
   8.3 Check if "home directories"
      for all accounts on your host computer
      have been created in:       C:\root\home\
9. Update the UWIN " profile" --user login profile file:
   9.1 Rename the existing file " C:\root\var\etc\profile "
         -to- profile.bak
   9.2 Copy your replacement downloaded file "profile"
         into this same directory: C:\root\var\etc\
UWIN Installation finished!
10. An extra step to make the UWIN (ksh logon) shortcut easier to find:
    Rt-click the UWIN (ksh logon) shortcut icon on the desktop.
    Select the button "Change Icon" from the Shortcut tab.
    Point/Browse to C:\WINDOWS\ksh.ico (the downloaded ksh.ico file)
    Click "OK" and "OK " again to save this property change.
    (NOTE: ksh = Korn shell)

    Dbl-click the UWin (ksh logon) shortcut icon on your desktop
    to run AT&T Unix for Windows.