ITNW 2313 - Networking Hardware
( LAN Hardware/Wiring & Installation )
Prof. Michael P. Harris, CCNA, CCAI

Course Description:

This course is designed to teach students to be perspective LAN managers or consultants whose responsibilities include LAN wiring, installation, testing, and optimization.  The focus is on responsibilities and strategies, which range from evaluating, selecting and installing LAN hardware and software to trouble-shooting installation problems.  The course will cover the most popular LAN hardware and software to help prepare students for any LAN environment.  This course will provide up-to-date coverage and anticipate emerging technologies.

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Lab Guides:
  1. CAT5 Cabling Lab Guide
  2. Stripping & Terminating Coaxial Cable
  3. Stripping & Terminating CAT5 UTP Cable
  4. Stripping & Terminating IBM STP Cable

Data Communications Cabling FAQ
  1. Introduction
  2. Cable Types
  3. Cable Ratings
  4. National Electrical Code (NEC)
  5. Not Used (Blank)
  6. Specific Cable Classifications
  7. Cable Conductors
  8. Vendor Specific Suggestions
  9. Cabling Standards
  10. Standard EIA/TIA 568
  11. Birds and Bees (Plugs vs. Jacks)
  12. Standard Networking Configurations
  13. Ethernet 10Base-T Cabling
  14. Category Specifications
  15. Sources for the EIA/TIA 568 Standards Documents
  16. Cable Test Equipment
  17. Cable Testers for Category 5
  18. Typical Wiring Layout
  19. How Far Away Should Cable be from an EMI Source
  20. What is the Minimum Bending Radius for a Cable?
  21. Fiber Optic Cable
  22. ISDN Cabling
  23. Testing Unshielded Twisted Pair Cables
  24. Not Used (Blank/Reserved)
  25. Sources of Additional Information

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