ITNW 2313 - Networking Hardware
( LAN Hardware/Wiring & Installation )
Prof. Michael P. Harris, CCNA, CCAI

I. Course Description:

This course is designed to train students from the perspective of the LAN manager or consultant whose responsibilities include LAN wiring, installation, testing, and optimization.  The focus is on responsibilities and strategies, which range from evaluating, selecting and installing LAN hardware and software to trouble shooting installation problems.  The course will cover the most popular LAN hardware and software to help prepare students for any LAN environment. This course will provide up-to-date coverage and anticipate emerging technologies.

Office:   VB-114 Computer Science Dept.
Phone:   (361)698-1299 Email:

II. Instructional Materials:

Class Text:    The Complete Data Cabling Installers Certification
  Brent Wright & Don Ritchey (Prentice Hall)
  ISBN: 0-13-098045-5

Non-required text:  (suggested reading)

Get a Grip on Network Cabling
  Frank J. Derfler, Jr., and Les Freed (Ziff-Davis Press)
  ISBN: 1-56276-057-2
Materials:   (1)  Lab materials list   (to be given out first week of class)
(2)  Flash Drive (128MB minimum)
(1)  Notebook to organize and maintain handouts, notes,
      exams, and lab work.

III. Course Objectives:

 A.  Students will be introduced to LAN technology and gain a solid technical foundation for understanding how LANs work.
 B.  Students will learn the criterion for evaluating network layouts and choosing hardware components that can be integrated to form a system.
 C.  Students will be able to compare and contrast the most common protocols that are associated with LANs such as TCP/IP, IPX/SPX, and NetBEUI.
 D.  Students will be able to explain the relationship between the common LAN protocols and the Open Systems Interconnect (OSI) seven-layer networking model.
 E.  Students will gain an in-depth knowledge and practical experience with the more common LAN wiring topologies including ARCnet, 10Base5 Thick-Ethernet, 10Base2 Thin-Ethernet, 10Base-T 100Base-TX 1000Base-T Twisted-pair Ethernet, IBM Token Ring, FDDI, and Parallel Port/Serial Port connections.
 F.  Students will study repeaters, hubs, bridges, switches, routers, and gateway connections to Wide Area Networks (WANs) and the interconnection between LANs and WANs.
 G.  Students will compare and contrast current mainstream LAN/WAN technologies with several important, but less commonly used technologies.
 H.  Students will discuss the newer emerging LAN technologies.

IV. Attendance:

Class and Lab attendance is mandatory.  Absences totaling two class weeks is considered excessive and is grounds for being dropped  (Three lates are considered and absence.)  No make-up tests will be given except in emergency situations.

Students requesting disability accommodations or other information are encouraged to contact the office of Special Populations, 218 Harvin Center, (361)698-1298.

V. Examination & Grading Policy:

Exam #1 - Essentials, Media, Topologies, & Access 25%
Exam #2 - ARCnet, Ethernet, & Token Ring 25%
Exam #3 - Final Exam 25%
Lab Projects & Class Attendance/Participation 25%
Individual/Group Term Projects extra credit
NOTE:  If you have any questions about the content or grading of this course, please ask them in class or during my office hours.

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