CIS 304
LAN Hardware/Wiring & Installation

Instructor: Michael P. Harris

Stripping & Terminating IBM STP Cable

We will be building a typical IBM STP cable (IBM Type 1, 1A, Type 6) in our hands on lab projects. Use the following short procedure as a guideline for stripping & terminating IBM STP cables. Your IBM STP cable may be insulated and jacketed with PVC or with Teflon® (plenum).


From your LAN-Wire materials kit locate the:

  1. 6' length of IBM 2-pair Type 6 STP cable

  2. (Qty. 1) IBM Type 1 cable connector

  3. (Qty. 1) DB9 connector, male pins, & DB9 hood


For best results, the universal tools and connector types listed below are recommended:

1.To Cut the Cable

Make a straight cut in the termination end of the cable.

2. Score the Jacket

Score the jacket all the way around with the razor knife at a point where the cable jacket would just enter the back of the connector. Make sure that the braid and shielding are not damaged while scoring the jacket.

3. Pull the Jacket Off

Pull the cable jacket off by hand without damaging the cable core.

4. Put Connector Collar Over Cable

Slip the connector over the cable and partially onto the jacket.

5. Pull Braid Back

Pull the braid back.

6. Wrap Braid Around Sleeve

Carefully wrap the braid around the connctor sleeve. Gather any loose ends together and wrap them around the connector sleeve.

7. Snip Excess Braid


8. Peel Back and Snip Tape Shield

Peel back shield from each pair. Snip tape shield as far back as possible.

9. Cut Cable to Length

Cut cable to required 3/4" length.

10. Begin Connectorization

Place the insertion cap over the end of the twisted pairs. DO NOT UNTWIST PAIRS.

11. Punch Down Cable

Punch down the cable into the connector housing using channel locks.

12. Install Cable Sleeve

Place the cable sleeve on the back of the connector.

13. Install Grounding Cap

Place the grounding cap on the connector.

14. Inspect

Cable is now properly terminated. Inspect the neatness and tightness of the termination.

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