CIS 304
LAN Hardware/Wiring & Installation

Instructor: Michael P. Harris

Stripping & Terminating CAT5 Cable

We will be building a typical CAT5 cables (10BaseT & 100BaseTX Ethernet) in our hands on lab projects. Use the following short procedure as a guideline for stripping & terminating CAT5 cables. Your CAT5 cables may be insulated and jacketed with PVC or with Teflon® (plenum).


From your LAN-Wire materials kit locate the:

  1. 6' length of CAT5 4-pair UTP cable

  2. (Qty. 2) CAT5 8-pin RJ-45 connectors


For best results, the universal tools and connector types listed below are recommended:

Fabrication Instructions:

1. To Cut the Cable

Make a straight cut in the termination end of the cable.

2. Remove the Jacket

Use 4 pair rotational stripper to remove the jacket. Make sure the stripper blades do not damage the wire insulation.

3. The Cable is Ready

The cable core is now ready for termination. DO NOT UNTWIST CABLE PAIRS.

4. Insert Cable Into the Connector Housing

Insert the cable core into the connector housing. Keep the jacket as close to the connector sleeve as possible.

5. Terminate Individual Wires

Carefully move the wires into the proper colored slots. DO NOT UNTWIST PAIRS MORE THAN 1\2".

6. Punch Down Wires

Punch down one wire at a time using the punchdown tool.

7. Install Insertion Caps

Push down the insertion caps onto the terminated wires.

8. Trim Excess Wire

Trim excess wire from the sides of the connectors with the wire cutters.

9. Inspect Your Work

The cable is now properly terminated. Inspect the neatness and tightness of the termination.

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