ITSC 1313
Fundamentals of Web Page Development (HTML)

Prof: Michael P. Harris

On-Line Seminars...

  1. "Write your own Web Page"
  2. "World Wide Web Basics"
  3. "Intermediate World Wide Web"
  4. "Internet E-mail Basics"

Top 10 Web Authoring Tools:

  1. Home Page
    Create your own Web site without learning any HTML.
  2. HomeSite
    Start coding with the Web authoring tool for people who know and love HTML.
  3. HTML Power Tools
    Scan images into HTML pages, convert text, and manage your meta tags.
  4. Cool Button Tool
    Create Web buttons that have behaviors and actions.
  5. WindowsHTML
    Create Web pages that look and feel just like Windows 95 windows.
  6. Color Selector
    Be sure your text colors and background colors fit together well.
  7. WebForms
    Design forms for Web sites without having to use HTML or CGI.
  8. Trellix
    Create Web documents that use a booklet as a navigation metaphor.
  9. Applet Button Factory
    Design java buttons for HTML pages without knowing a stitch of Java or HTML.
  10. Fading Messages
    Use this tiny program to lively up the text displayed on your Web pages.

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