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Free Signature Gifs - Animated Signatures, Sig Tags, Sigs

This popular Sig Tag will display information about a visitor's computer, such as IP address, proxy and computer name.   Because the sig tag can only be seen by the viewer, it's completely safe and private.

Signature Gifs

You'll find these Signature Gifs used in web pages, forums and on security sites.   You have the ability to add your own text to the Signature Tag.

Web Graphic

Custom Sig Tag

If you have a graphic you would like included in your Sig Tag and want to share it with everyone, drop me an email and I'll be happy to review it. If the graphic looks good, I'll post it on the website.

Many people are shocked when they see this animated signature; You may not know it, but you give this and more information away when you visit any website!

To get started, just click on the sig tag of your choice.   By the way - the signature tag is free!


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