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Firewalls and Network Security

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To view the Syllabus or the chapter-Guides, Powerpoints, lecture-Notes, Labs, and chapter-Reviews, for each lesson,  select the menu buttons on the left or top, then select and "Open" -or- "Save"  the selected file from the directory list presented.

In the eBooks and downloads directories you will find supplemental resources for this class. Later in the semester, I will be supplementing many of the hands-on lab exercises with materials you will find in the Labs directory. And finally, check the Errata.doc file for corrections to your Text Book. Please email me at with any questions or if you find any items that need correction.

Course Description: This course provides a comprehensive overview of building and maintaining firewalls in a business environment. It is designed for the student and network administrator who need to learn the basics of network firewall security. It covers basic installation techniques, discusses how to make an intelligent choice of firewall technology, and presents basic firewall troubleshooting. Specific topics covered include:  security planning and design, security configuration, packet filtering, proxy servers, authentication, encryption, and VPNs.

In addition, the textbook used in the course maps to the CheckPoint CCSA Certification.

Textbook: Greg Holden, Guide to Firewalls and Network Security: with Intrusion Detection and VPNs, Course Technology, Incorporated, 2003
ISBN 0-619-13039-3

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